Latham Meehan & Associates LLC--Marine Consultants
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Latham Meehan & Associates LLC  Marine Consultants

Seattle to Alaska --- Phone 360-638-1282 or email

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Do You need a Marine Consultant?

My business is marine consulting.  I am a retired marine surveyor with a wealth of boating experience.  I have over 40 years practical experience in the marine field both power and sail.  I also have extensive offshore experience, including sailing around the world, and have made a 7 passages to Alaska.  You may contact me by phone at 360-638-1282, or by email at .   I specialize in power and sail recreational vessels, and provide expert evaluation of a vessels condition.  I offer prompt professional service!

As a consulting service I offer prospective boat owners an expert opinion on the vessel they are buying or selling.  This can done without a formal survey report, which reduces your costs.  I also consult for owners that need boat repairs to insure the work is being done to current standards.  Other services include damage assessment, repair oversight for owner, troubleshooting problems, advice on outfitting your vessel, preparing for off-shore use, and trip planning.

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